Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Depressing thought of Depression

The very sad news we woke to yesterday that Actor and Comedian Robin Williams had taken his own life was a stark reminder to me to keep myself well.  It’s a common misconception that people who have depression need to “pull them together” or “have nothing to be depressed about”. Looking from the outside in to Robin Williams’s life you could always assume he had nothing to be depressed about. He was incredibly successful, greatly loved and admired and a father to 3 children  and a loved husband, all things worth living for. 

I have a lot to live for too. When depression crept up on me last year and landed on me like a ton of bricks it was a shock. I should have seen it coming creeping like a thief. I had been depressed before, but this time was different, it was shocking and stark and I had absolutely nothing to be depressed about. That was the cruellest thing of all. My kids love me, my partner loves me, my friends  and family are loving and supportive, I am employed, well fed  and educated, and yet that disease made me feel like shit on a shoe and very nearly  took me away from those who love me the most.

I am one of the lucky ones, I got help in time. These are some of the things I need to do to stay healthy.

1 get out of bed every morning
2 eat healthy
3 sleep when tired (quite a lot)
4 walk in the fresh air as much as possible
5 talk, to my partner, my therapist, my friends, my family. Let people know how I feel, no one can help if they don’t know.
6 write my blog/ Facebook. It gives me focus
7 indulge in hobbies/do stuff that I enjoy as much as I can
8 enjoy me time.

Sounds easy doesn't it?  It wasn’t, and isn’t for millions of sufferers. I hope Robin Williams’s death hasn't been in vain.

If you or anyone you know needs to speak to someone in confidence Lifeline are fantastic as are The Samaritans

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