Wednesday, 28 January 2015

School Run Style

I had a little smirk to myself earlier this week when  the papers unveiled Colleen Rooney's new collection for Littlewoods with the strap line "perfect for  the school run".

What is this magical "school run"? Is it like a weekend in a country house where you have 17 separate outfits and accessories to suit every activity?

Is it a special social event that only parents  and child carers are privy to and that requires a specific and stylish outfit?

Remember Trinny and Suzanna? They were all over the school run back in the 90's encouraging mothers to accesorise in beige and Navy. There are entire blogs dedicated to this mythical event.

For most of us the school run is less fashion event and more frantic 30 minutes early in the day where you try to get 1 or more child out of your possession for a few hours. You leave  the house with kids, book bags, satchels,wellies scarves and hats( because they won't wear them) money in different labelled envelopes for  the 40 different events taking place each week and try to remember your own bag.

If I can get my two safely dispatched within 10 minutes of  the bell ringing wearing two matching shoes and having remembered to wipe the snot/ porridge residue off my top I consider that a successful "school run". If I have forgotten to put on my gingham belly top/shorts combo with matching pump and an easy and practical "up-do" to compliment my sunglasses maybe I am normal after all.

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