Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Things I have Learned from Facebook

Like so many of us I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, or rather with  the those who post , and  those who don't.

These are some of  the things that Facebook has subjected me ( and you )to

1. People are very proud of  their children. I am, you are, this is normal and cool.
 Nappy contents, first burp, loud farts etc , not cool.

2. Some people over share. The ins and outs and ups and downs of  your relationship with your best friend, mother in law or spouse is no one else's business ( or remotely interesting) You are not Kim Kardashian.

3. A photo, or two from your holiday is fine, but NO ONE wants to see more than 3.
 Let alone photo 47 from album 3.

4. Your dog is cute, but  no one needs to see a video of his bath, really, no really. Not

5. Posting " OMG I am soooo annoyed" without proper explanation and cryptic clues is like OMG sooo annoying.

6. No one wants  to see your Christmas tree or piles of presents, Let alone step by step pictures of them being opened.

7. Adding someone as a friend  and never commenting or liking anything  they post is creepy stalking, stop it.
 If you don't want  to join in leave .

8.Don't re-post stuff you haven't read, or like random photos of sick children you have never met. What's the point?

9. No one will think you are a bad person if you don't post some random poem about how much you love your sons. You are probably too busy running them about, washing their football kits and wiping their noses to post such nonsense.

10. Giving people pointless cryptic messages leading to the colour of your pants WILL NOT CURE CANCER. Neither will tipping cold water over your head, stop it. It's pointless.
Make a donation , say nothing, Facebook (and I) will thank you for it.

Rant over, back to over sharing my life ;-)

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