Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Getting My Goat

There are things  that totally get my goat, serious proper things like racism, sexism , homophobia, stupidity and rudeness, but I have a loooonnnggg list of things that on a daily basis, in a lesser but totally irritating way get my goat.

1. Drivers who do not use their indicators, you know who you are .

2. Drivers  who use two parking spaces ( see photo)

3. Spending time with friends who keep their phone on the table/in their hand the whole night.

4. Cyclists, particularly  those who do not feel the need to use lights/high-viz. Adult cyclists on the pavement.

5.Walking in dog-poo

6. Ordering a cappuccino and expecting a lovely strong hot coffee with a lush layer of froth, but instead getting a lukewarm bucket of lightly coffee'd milk with 3 feet of freezing foam on top.

7. Sounds daft, but scones/ tray bakes that are HUGE. Very off putting. Or  those pre-wrapped dry nasty mass produced efforts.


9. Drivers who slow down 50 m away from a junction.

10. People who don't hold doors open for others, or who don't  thank you for doing so. People  who don't say  thank you.

11. Carnations, nasty cheap horrors.

12. Sniffers. BLOW IT!

13. Drivers who refuse to go up the inside of a bus or lorry. Shouldn't be on the road.

14. People who swear, not  to make a point , but as punctuation.

15. The Daily Mail.

16. Adults who cant use grammer spellings or puntuation becauz there to lazy too use the corract wordz.

17. Adults thinking farting is funny. It isn't.

18. Dirty/ smelly folk. NO EXCUSE.

Well now I have all that off my chest I shall go and be perfect in my perfect life ! 

Don't forget to comment and tell me what gets your goat.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

I am Dinosaur Hear Me Roar!

I hate new things. I don't like fashion, new music and faddy restaurants. I don't download  music and I haven't  bought a new CD in years. My brother-in-law mocked me last Sunday because of  the ancient content on my ipod. It's full of classics, in case you are interested.

My sister and her DOH love  to go to concerts. they go and see every new band that comes to Belfast, and plenty of the old ones too. I do not. Concerts are a particular kind of hell for me.

I don't like standing
I don't like crowds
I don't like my drinks in a plastic glass
I loathe strangers getting too close
The worst of all these though is  the person who watches an entire concert through the lens of  their phone or tablet. I mean who is going to watch that blurry, tinny concert  when they go home?

I don't like stadiums, too many people
Too far from  the action and the loos
Why go to a huge stadium and pay top dollar to see someone, put up with a load of irritating people and  then watch the whole thing on a screen??
Concerts, and comedians should be watched in smaller more intimate spaces, like The Waterfront, The Ulster Hall or the Opera House.
They should be seated.
You should be able to have a drink at your seat and ALL recording equipment should be banned.

For me though I think I will stick to ingesting new music in small bites via Radio 2 and save my concert viewing to Glastonbury on TV