Wednesday, 27 April 2016

A Handbag?

You can tell a lot about a man, they say, by the shoes he wears. What can you tell about a woman by her handbag and the contents thereof??
Well lets see.

 I like a nice bag as much as the next woman , but I don't understand the whole designer bag thing. It's just somewhere to carry your stuff. I bought this number on Ebay. I wanted brown but got a sort of bronze. It's not my favourite and because of it's size and the ample pocket allowance the temptation is to FILL IT WITH STUFF.

What stuff I hear you ask? A lot , lot of stuff.

this all came out of one bag. I have also decluttered it recently.

A pile of receipts, some personal ( bin) some business ( file) a few leaflets and vouchers I will never use (bin)

I change bags rarely, and even then usually not fully. So I have bags with stuff in for months or years, a lipstick here, a packet of tissues there. 

 No less than 4 purses. One of them belongs to my middle child, but the other 3 are mine, and all contain cash.  Two bank books for accounts where I have no/minimal money. I've been carrying these for 6 months or so. A fold up shopping bag, essential.

Yep, you can see 4 different types/ brands of tissue. I am a mummy, I need tissues. The rude ones were donated to my stash by my sister. they were too naughty for her to use. I have no idea why she thought I would like them ... I try not to use them on the children, but hey, no one died.

Here we can see some of my stationery stash.

Two pens - not that many for me 

a mini pack of pencils, crayons, all escaped from their box, a diary and 2 notebooks, a story book a green tea bag, mints and gum (in case I'm likely to get a snog- not likely) a hair clip and a clothes peg (?)

A book on witchcraft and some purple suede gloves just in case I need to keep the yummy mummies away.

 A minion, a bracelet a hand crochet phone cover ( with a 3rd notebook inside) some pants, medicinal compound and wham balm ( two of my everyday therapy products) and some sunglasses.

I also have a make up bag, some escaped make up and a lovely set of highlighters.

What I think this says about me is that I am tidy, organised, friendly charming and sexy. What do you think ? 

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