Monday, 5 May 2014

Home Sweet Home

I am a Belfast girl. I was born here and apart from short sabbaticals in Guernsey, London, Yorkshire and Lancashire, and six years at boarding school in Surrey I have always called Belfast home.

In the 1970's and 80's Belfast wasn't  the most fun city in the world to live in . There were bombs, shootings, security gates preventing free movement around the city and even children were searched before going into the city centre. There were armed soldiers in the street and most people stayed close to home , particularly at night. It was a dark time , but  the city has survived, and so have we.

Belfast is now a vibrant, multi-cultural city with enough to offer tourists from all over the world. We have excellent restaurants, bars, night life and plenty of free festivities for  the whole family.

My family visited the Fools Festival in Belfast City Centre yesterday and found a fun relaxed atmosphere. We spent a few hours sitting watching grown men and women act like eejits for our entertainment. It was excellent.

this is my grown man being subjected to an eejit

 We ate at Yardbird, which is a free range chicken rotisserie restaurant in the heart of  the Cathedral Quarter. it was simple food, but absolutely delicious, even our two little madams ate a good lunch. Kids also eat free during the festival.

The whole Cathedral Quarter was bedecked in festive pink in honour of  the Giro D'Italia "big start" in Belfast next weekend.

We will no doubt moan about the traffic jams, the road closures, the legions of Spanish students hovering over one coffee and cluttering up our cafes, but what a great thing to have to complain about. Belfast has come a long way. She is in the Pink at last.

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