Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Making a House a Home

I was walking  about my local area this afternoon posting flyers  through letter boxes for  my new at home ironing service. I'm trying  to put a little money away for luxuries like holidays  and haircuts- I'm serious, we spend a clean fortune on childcare, and  the cost of  everything has gone up up up, and my pay rise  this year is  below inflation so is effectively a pay cut. I like ironing  and had a pretty successful little cottage industry  when I was a single mum with just DD1, so why not? It's  something I can do in front  of  the TV, or  when the girls  are here playing, I just need a few good customers.

That's  not  where I was going  with today's blog though. What struck me while I was walking apart from how lucky I am to live in  the best area in our city was how fantastic people  are at making  their homes individual and welcoming. The weather is beautiful today and all the flowers in bloom would  make  anywhere look good, but East Belfast is lovely, tree lined avenues, every road holding 4 or 5 different types of  house, Victorian villas,  white walled cottages , grand  4 storey terraces and sleek modern palaces.

I was very naughty and  took a few snaps  of  some of  the lovely details people had added to  their little castles.

Aren't they lovely? I love  the oil tank in particular! I was very fortunate I didn't  get caught!

If  you know  anyone  who hates ironing in East Belfast or Holywood send them my way!

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