Monday, 28 October 2013

Literary Genes

I got some surprising and very welcome news this morning. I was dropping my two youngest children off at daycare when the manager handed me an envelope and told me our middle child, Nancy has had a poem she "wrote" selected for a national anthology. The surprise was not  that I doubt Nancy's wonderful storytelling gifts, or her use of language but at just 3 years and 3 months old she can neither read nor write!
The children in Nancy's group were given a template with blanks, of a simple poem and they had  to come up with the rhyming words to fit in. I'm thrilled with her efforts, and let's hope there is more to come .

Young Writers are the organisation that are encouraging our children to develop their literary skills.

I wrote a poem as a child that was published in the US version of The Christian Science Monitor that was later picked up by The World Book Encyclopedia this was c 1982, lets hope my creative juices haven't dried up! I'll have to look it out and let you read it.

This is Nancy's Nursery Rhyme

Nancy's Day Out Rhyme  By Nancy Conway (3)

I went to Disneyland for the day,
I sang Twinkle, Twinkle all the way.
Loafy and Lily went with me,
I was as happy as could be.
We travelled by plane, it went really fast,
It was fun, we had a blast.
The weather was really hot and sunny,
We saw Minnie Mouse, it was funny.
I had chicken nuggets to eat,
And then we had pudding for a treat.
I saw Cinderella everywhere,
And played with Tinkerbell when I was there.
I had a great time,
Thank you for reading my nursery rhyme.

Thanks so much to the wonderful staff at The Den for all their hard work in loving and nurturing our children.

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