Sunday, 27 October 2013

Love Chain

This is a story I have been writing for the last couple of years. it is a light and humorous take on what  I consider to be the madness of Polyamory.
It is still very much a work in progress. As ever comments are most welcome....

The Love Chain by Tracey Smyth

It began innocently enough, as these things often do. Maggie fell in love with Frank, who was already in love with Petra. Petra loved Frank too, but spent a lot of time with Jason, who was 15 years younger than her and also with Elise, who was French and exotic.

Elise did not want  to meet Jason, or Frank, and jealously guarded her time with Petra. Together they went  to Swedish movies, and sneered at Swedish furniture warehouses. Petra was cultured and wore dark glasses when she was with Elise. They walked down the high street swinging hands, as if on the Champs- Elysee,always hoping to cause a stir.

Elise smoked profusely and Petra found her enticing through a cloud of Turkish tobacco smoke. They sat sipping apple tea on the flat roof of Petra's garage in a kaleidoscope of Moroccan glass lanterns and high ferns laughing loudly at each others incredible wit.

Petra and Elise were companions on Mondays and Thursdays and she alternated her Saturday nights between Elise and Frank. On Tuesdays Petra saw Jason. After a night of intense cynicism with Elise, Petra loved the simple animal passion she felt for Jason. Sometimes they just rented movies and ate junk food.

Jason made Petra feel alive. She felt she was servicing womankind when they were together. Her instructive lovemaking kept Jason on edge,and ensured Petra of nights of multiple orgasms, and a very well tuned fiat. Jason went weak at the knees the first time Petra had let him stay over, and gratefully changed her oil filters before she was up the next morning. In company she looked at the dirt under his fingernails and pursed her lovely lips. In private she smeared him in oil, dressed him in dungarees and told him to call her Miss. She enjoyed watching him tinker under her bonnet as she sat on a deck chair in sky high red heels, almost as much as she enjoyed seeing  the neighbourhood curtains twitch.

Petra's relationship with Frank was just over two years old. They had met at a New Age weekend workshop and had fallen for one another embracing their inner children on rainbow beanbag chairs. Frank, at fifty-nine was the oldest member of this Polyamorous chain. .He was a handsome and vital silver fox of a man with a wide chest and deep soft voice.Women of all kinds were drawn to his gentle nature and beautifully kept hands.

Petra was almost thirty years younger than Frank and reveled in the mostly negative attention they received while she sat on his lap, kissing him  and curling her pretty fingers in his platinum hair. While Frank was very comfortable with public displays of affection he was a little more subtle than Petra and tried to tone down her attention seeking.

Since divorcing his wife Jocelyn 16 years ago he had been interested in and had gradually become  more involved in various polyamorous relationships. The relationship with Petra was the longest of these entanglements  to date. When they had first met he was blown away by her resemblance to Louise Brooks; all glossy bob and cupids bow pout. Up until then he had been involved with serious flat footed matrons who were interested in human rights and cooked worthy but monotonous meals with tofu. Petra arrived in his life like a teetering whirlwind . He stood bemused in her dressing room and marveled at the variety of potions and lacquers, bodices and straps. She opened his eyes to the heady world of glamour, and sight of her firm thighs encased in finest fishnet drove him wild, time after time..

He loved Petra's impulsive girlishness and she had dragged him into the modern world, introducing him to people, music, books and film, and initiating him into mild bondage techniques.Frank's gentle warmth settled Petra, she felt safe in his big bear arms and she was adored. They talked openly about  their sexual desires, and their emotional needs, and for 12 whole weeks loved each other alone.When Elise came into Petra's life the initial insecurity that Frank had felt dispersed quickly as he began to enjoy the short bursts of intensive attention from her, and the relaxed liberty between dates.

 Freshly made-over Frank found new lovers easy to find. With Petra's influence he looked sharp in a suit and open necked shirt. For eighteen months he dabbled with a mixture of affairs and relationships.He became entangled with a twenty five year old lap dancer until she introduced him to her father; and a forty eight year old teacher whose loud orgasmic yelping sent his wheaten terrier into a tail chasing frenzy. He peppered his days with the married and grateful and his evenings with scholarly civil servants and curvaceous barmaids. some of these women turned his head for a little while and spending  the night, or a weekend in the company of a fragrant and downy companion was rapturous to him.

The "Poly" lifestyle suited Frank well as he had all of the feminine attention and interference he could handle with a good degree of personal freedom. He felt  that this was a modern and  responsible lifestyle. He had been unfaithful to his wife, despite loving her deeply. Their libidos were rarely in sync and he was determined never to hurt anyone as he had hurt her.

More to come , I hope you liked .......

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