Sunday, 5 January 2014

Needle Felting Mania

I love needle felting, its great fun and therapeutic. I am still learning as you can see from my pictures but my beginners enthusiasm is still keeping me going.
I have learned something about myself over the last few months; I like to be good at things. If I work hard to create something and it is not great I feel very deflated and annoyed with myself. This goes for bath and beauty products, cooking and baking , and all my needle work. It also applies to my writing. I hate to rewrite. It is good that I have discovered this I think as at least I can understand the feelings I get when something is not brilliant first time.

If you look at Pinterest or Martha Stewart you imagine that everyone else in the universe lives a perfectly clean and organised existence. Their buns always rise , their children are clean and scrubbed at all times and they spend every weekend making non messy and elegant crafts to dazzle the online world with.

The truth is most people are like you and me. Sometimes our buns are flat and hard, our icing won't set and if we do have the time, energy and supplies to do craft with our kids, they will more than likely have a tantrum, pour red paint on the sofa or not want  to do what we have chosen.

I want to be good at craft, at writing, and at parenting, so I will keep going. Practice makes perfect!

These are needle felted mittens I made from a thrift store wool jacket.

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