Saturday, 1 February 2014

A Brooch a Month

I like brooches, I like all kinds of brooches and they really dress up a coat. I have several made from different materials , and two enamel ones that I wear at Christmas time. If you have read any of my blogs you will know that I also like needle point and felt. With this in mind I set myself a little challenge . I decided to make myself a new brooch for each month of this year.

In January I made this one , a happy little robin on a snowy branch.

I had originally given him a black bead for his eye, but it was too big I felt, so I settled on a stitch instead.

I cut  the fabric too close to the design and manged to get some frayed stitches. I am hoping by December I will have learned a lot more and My brooches will look a lot better, but for a first attempt I was happy with his little face.

This is my February brooch, some bare winter trees and a little Valentine's heart. I am going to back it  tomorrow and sew the pin onto the back ready for it's place on my coat this February.

I am already thinking of shamrocks and rainbows or a cold north wind for March, but of course I am open to your suggestions.

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