Friday, 14 February 2014

Love is all around

Valentine's day is a tricky one. it's difficult to not get all into the hearts and flowers and yet it is always good to appreciate and be appreciated by those we love. I am a lucky girl indeed as my darling shows his appreciation for me throughout  the year with small treats and kindness as well as all the household duties he does on a daily basis.
 By the time James and I were celebrating our first valentine's day together I was 4 months pregnant with our first daughter ( I know, fast movers), so we chose to stay home and had a lovely M&S dine in meal , this has been our tradition ever since.

I thought I would do a little decorating around the house this year to brighten up after all the Christmas glitter and lights are taken down the house can look a bit gloomy. I searched Pinterest ( just any old excuse) and came up with very little as it was all a little American. So I took a little bit from here and there and came up with the idea of a few twigs pained with glitter paint and dangling hearts.

I cut the hearts from some card stock and just hung them up with thread, so they move quite a lot.

I bought a couple of cheap lanterns at B&M and put love hearts and glass beads into the bottom of them to add to the display. 

For my eldest daughter I did another love heart tree for her room and bought a frame and put a photo of us into it. I think she liked it. 

 For James I made an old fashioned mix tape, well a playlist for his ipod. I love a mix tape, a little musical surprise every other song. It amuses me to think of a loved one listening to music you have chosen because you love it and you hope they will too. I also needle felted a little love frog for his car. I don't think he has noticed it yet so shhhh.

For my little valentines I got two cute little ducks for their bath, I have them on the table ready for everyone coming home.

I hope you all enjoy your Valentine feast and are surrounded with those you want  to be with. X

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