Saturday, 16 November 2013

Creative Bursts

I've come over all crafty. I'm hooked. I blame  Pinterest and my sister Linda. They both present beautifully home made goods with what looks like minimal effort. I have made  fiddly but fun goodies for the nursery Halloween party , some home made Kombucha Tea, and my own laundry soap ( I will be posting about these over the next few days ), and now I am into cross stitch.

Well I have always loved cross stitch, it is highly addictive and I am significantly better at it  than I am at knitting. It's easy to tell if you have stitched in the wrong place, and in most cases one stitch won't ruin the whole project. My main problem is my flakiness. Starting projects,and  buying supplies is my forte. I started this cute Country Companions cross stitch when I was pregnant with my eldest daughter.

it is very fiddly and complicated with multiple colours and textures in the tree and the hedgehog, but I am making progress, as you can see.

 The only down side is the daughter who's nursery I was making it for is 16!! maybe it can be for my first grandchild.

I love a craft shop or stationers and could easily max out  the credit card on pretty coloured thread, wool and papers. Paper is a long standing passion.

My sister and I visited Belfast's Craft World yesterday ( dear god they have a website, I'm DOOMED) and I got quite giddy with the delights on offer. I managed to restrain myself to some essentials; some new cross stitch fabric, in sexy Christmassy red, (what to make?) some lovely scrapbook papers ( I don't scrapbook but it was lovely and printed on both sides) and some poly stuffing for a Christmas gift I am making currently. I was impressed with my restraint, aren't you?

This is a Christmas Gift I am working on

I have some  more stars to complete, then a border and I hope to turn it in to a small cushion. The girls are to represent my youngest two. Do you like it?
Now, I must stop writing about all the things a I need to make, and get on with making them, enjoy your weekend.

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