Friday, 29 November 2013

Gratitude is Great

Gratitude is catching. We were brought up celebrating the American Thanksgiving Holiday as it was something our mother really believed in. Her love of the gift of Thanksgiving won her thousands of  friends and admirers and enabled Belfast to have a beautiful piece of art by Andy Scott celebrating gratefulness, and reminding us to be thankful. I am not one for God, but I try to show gratitude to people in my daily life.

Anyone who has read this blog at all will know I am addicted to Pinterest. This week I wanted to combine a desire to show thankfulness and my desire to create. I wanted to give the girls who work in my daughter's daycare a little treat. I have noticed over the last few weeks some of  them looking tired and drawn, it's that time of year, cold weather, short days and concerns over paying for Christmas. All of these things take their toll on energy levels, so I can up with an idea for a little treat for them to enjoy during their day so they would know how much they are appreciated.

In TK Maxx I bough a tin of peppermint hot chocolate and a tin of spiced pumpkin tea. I bought some gorgeous Anna's ginger thin biscuits  from Ikea. I made peppermint bark ( melt milk chocolate, spread over a small tray, melt white chocolate, spread over milk chocolate, sprinkle crushed candy canes over the top, put into fridge to set. then break into pieces and eat, yum!)

And in a gift bag I made from cheerful magazine pages and scrapbook paper I added a bag of marshmallows.

You can probably make out  the home made paper bunting around the bag too here.

I also made a very simple card and wrote a little verse inside,

For all of the fun that we have every day
For helping us grow in so may ways
We thought you deserved a nice little treat
A tasty hot drink and something to eat
We thought about it
And we want you to know
We think you're amazing
Love from Nancy and Flo.

I am really pleased with the end result, I had such fun making all the bits and the whole thing cost me less than £10. The manager told me this morning they were all delighted. Job done :-)

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