Saturday, 2 November 2013


This is the poem I wrote at school when I was around 11 or 12. My English teacher Mr Barton told me it was fairly rubbish. Myrtle was incensed by this and sent  it off to The Christian Science Monitor where it was published in the US edition. From there it was picked up by The New Book of Knowledge Annual and they sent me a whole $10 to publish it in the 1984 issue. It's utterly pretentious but I'm still proud of it.

Rainbow by Tracey Smyth (aged 11 and a half)

She floats above us in sunny wet
Her colours iridescent
With stars, on her never ending tour
Of circles all florescent.
Of miracles, and laughter too,
Of birds' eternal song,
She never stops her joyous spree,
But laughs and carries on.

She is an infinite circular flower
With petals all aglow,
She never does any wrong
She would not stoop so low.
She flickers in a momentary spin
And after circling the sky
She whispers her sweet, "Adieu,"
And gracefully says , "Goodbye."

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